List of star spectra

recorded with the 12,5" Cassegrain telescope at the Volkssternwarte Regensburg with a Baader DADOS spectrograph and QHY8

This is a list of spectra of bright stars visible over Regensburg, Germany. Very close double or triple stars are possibly combined into one spectrum (due to resolution limitations). As the spectrum is larger than the CCD chip width, the red and blue parts are cut together into one spectrum (usually at the natrium double line). This list will be expanded.

All images linked in the "spectrum" column are released into public domain.


constellationstarnamerecording datespectral type (*)spectrumwikipediacomments
Andromedaα And A+BAlpheratz2012-12-30 20:05 UTC+1B8IVpMnHg, A3Vincompleteen de
Andromedaβ AndMirach2012-12-30 20:44 UTC+1M0 IIIincompleteen de
Aurigaα Aur Aa+AbCapella2012-12-31 20:48 UTC+1G8III/K0III, G1IIIcomplete averageen de
Aurigaβ Aur A+BMenkalinan2012-12-31 20:08 UTC+1A1m IV, A1m IVincompleteen de
Bootesα BooArcturus2013-01-02 03:32 UTC+1K1.5IIIFe-0.5complete averageen de
Canis Majorα CMa A+BSirius2012-12-31 21:46 UTC+1A1V, DA2complete averageen de
Canis Minorα CMiProcyon2012-12-31 21:52 UTC+1F5 IV-Vcomplete averageen de
Cygnusα CygDeneb2012-12-30 19:39 UTC+1A2 Iaincompleteen de
Geminiα Gem Aa+AbCastor2012-12-31 22:04 UTC+1A1 V, M5 V(?)complete averageen de"complete" image contains α Gem A and α Gem B
Geminiα Gem Ba+BbCastor2012-12-31 22:04 UTC+1A2 Vm, M2 Vcomplete averageen de"complete" image contains α Gem A and α Gem B
Geminiβ GemPollux2012-12-31 21:58 UTC+1K0 IIIcomplete averageen de
Lyraα LyrVega2013-06-05 22:30 UTC+2A0Vcomplete averageen de
Orionα OriBetelgeuse2012-12-31 21:15 UTC+1M2Iabcomplete averageen de
Orionβ OriRigel2013-01-03 01:19 UTC+1B8 Iacomplete averageen de
Orionγ OriBellatrix2012-12-31 22:15 UTC+1B2 IIIcomplete averageen de
Orionδ OriMintaka A+B2013-01-03 01:47 UTC+1O9.5 II, B0.5IIIcomplete averageen de
Orionε OriAlnilam2012-12-30 23:47 UTC+1B0 Iaincompleteen de
Orionζ Ori Aa+Ab+B (?)Alnitak2012-12-30 23:53 UTC+1O9 Iab, O9, B0 IIIincompleteen decontributing stars to spectrum TBD
Orionκ OriSaiph2012-12-31 00:23 UTC+1B0.5 Iabincompleteen de
Orionλ OriMeissa2012-12-31 00:27 UTC+1O8 III, B0.5 Vincompleteen de
Orionσ Orin/a2013-01-03 02:44 UTC+1O9V, B0.5Vcomplete average average2en denoisy
Pegasusα PegMarkab2012-12-30 19:51 UTC+1B9 IIIincompleteen de
Pegasusβ PegScheat2012-12-30 20:00 UTC+1M2.3 II-IIIincompleteen de
Pegasusγ PegAlgenib2012-12-30 20:13 UTC+1B2 IVincompleteen de
Scorpiusα ScoAntares2013-06-05 23:55 UTC+2M1.5Iab-bcomplete averageen de
Taurusα TauAldebaran2012-12-31 20:33 UTC+1K5IIIcomplete averageen de
Taurusβ TauElnath2012-12-31 19:02 UTC+1B7IIIincompleteen de
Taurusγ Taun/a2012-12-31 18:39 UTC+1G8IIIincompleteen de
Taurusδ1 Taun/a2012-12-31 18:36 UTC+1K0-IIICN0.5incompleteen de
Taurusε Taun/a2012-12-31 18:32 UTC+1K0IIIincompleteen de
Taurusζ Taun/a2012-12-31 19:06 UTC+1B2 IIIpeincompleteen de
Taurusθ1 Taun/a2012-12-31 18:51 UTC+1K0 IIIb Fe-0.5incompleteen de
Taurusθ2 Taun/a2012-12-31 18:55 UTC+1A7 IIIincompleteen de
Ursa Majorα UMaDubhe2012-12-31 22:31 UTC+1K1 II-III, F0 Vcomplete averageen de
Ursa Majorβ UMaMerak2012-12-31 22:27 UTC+1A1 Vcomplete averageen de
Ursa Majorγ UMaPhecda2012-12-31 22:37 UTC+1A0 Vecomplete averageen de

(*) classifications are extracted from wikipedia article